A downloadable Helicopter theme game for Windows and macOS

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Remake of the original Vic 20 game shown in this video:

This game is freeware and and it was written for the Syntax Bomb coding competition 4: https://www.syntaxbomb.com

Important information for Mac users. When you have downloaded the zip file then you need to make sure you drag the app into the applications folder before running it else you may get a "game not found" error message when launching it.

If you are running OSX:Catalina then this game may report an issue stating that it is damaged and should be moved to the trash.

Due to a recent update from Apple regarding security, any zip file downloaded via the internet will cause an error when trying to run the enclosed app file.  The way to correct this is to extract the app from the zip file and then you can:

Open a Terminal window and type the following command:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine and then leave a space, and then drag the .app file onto the Terminal window so the full path to the file is present. Once you press enter the fix will be applied and the game can then be run normally.

I give full permission to distribute anywhere and everywhere but I retain the copyright and reverse engineering the game is not acceptable.


Either Shift key to fire.
W or Cursor Up - Up
S or Cursor Down - Down
A or Cursor Left - Left
D or Cursor Right - Right


Save the city below by taking on the aliens attacking in the sky over the dam. Your job is to protect the Dam from being eaten by the “Nibblers” that move across the screen as well as preventing invasion of the city by either the “Zoomers” or the “Droppers”

UFO’s move across the screen and are indestructible. They will spawn “Droppers” as they move from left to right and then will later come back for another pass over the city.

Zoomers also appear randomly and will traverse the screen left to right as quick as they can move down to try and invade the planet.

Additionally you should watch out for the clouds and their acid rain that can spill in light or heavy showers. Usually it’s worth sacrificing your own shield to save the city but definitely shoot them out of the sky as soon as possible.

Periodically you will also see a “Grabber” who will announce his presence and try to lift you off the screen so that the city is defenceless.

I blogged a lot during the development of this - and other games I’ve been working on. You can read about it , if you’re interested, at my homepage: http://blog.xerra.co.uk/

Updates and other games will shortly be available at: www.retroevolved.co.uk

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Apr 09, 2018
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags8-Bit, airwolf, helicopter, Remake, syntax-bomb, VIC-20
Average sessionA few minutes
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